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As a host of CreativeMornings Cologne, you get to know some nice, interesting people over time. I’m specifically thinking about Christian Schmid (Mietautor). As a regular visitor to our morning events, we’ve done some great collaborating over the last few months which resulted in my guest appearance in Christian and Ruben’s podcast, “NEIN2FIVE“.

At that moment, I’d been organizing CreativeMornings in Cologne for more than three years. Since I’m not at all a morning person, mornings are usually stressful for me, in addition to making sure that things are running smoothly. Relaxed conversations with me are rather rare, and I have often heard that I sometimes seem unapproachable. Sorry, but I’m just tired and excited.

At any rate, I remember the morning in March 2019 at Wertheim Köln. After the talk with Mareen Fischinger, there was time to chat, thanks to the great organization of our team and location. And so the idea arose that I would have a guest appearance in Christian’s podcast, after my CM team member and friend, Rabea Knippscheer (Limmaland).

NEIN2FIVE is after the two hosts about…

“Good business ideas… that no one has implemented can be found here. Starting a business or starting a side hustle are the fastest ways to financial freedom. If you look at the top 50 wealthiest people on earth, you will see proof of this.”

“Great discussion partners! Interviews with people who carved out full-time jobs and side hustles as well as interviews with experts. On our guest list founders make a go of it without business plans…they’re marketing nerds, a speaker, a DJ and soon perhaps you…?

“Dangerous half-knowledge! We’ve learned a few things, but we don’t act like experts. As marketing nerds and side hustlers, we like to report on what’s worked for us and what hasn’t. And we’re always curious about our courageous and clever guests, and love to share our ideas.”

And so, not even two weeks later, I sat in Lisbon with headphones and my iPad talking to Christian and Ruben…

The planning was very quick and uncomplicated, thanks to this. My topic should be “working independent of location”, and I was asked to talk about my career and my typical workday, as well as about personal learnings. And how can you record something more authentic than on one of my trips to Lisbon? While the carnival was raging in Cologne, I met my girlfriend, Diantha (former host of CreativeMornings Rotterdam), for a long girls’ trip to the capital of Portugal.

In our Airbnb in the old town of Lisbon, I sat on the phone with the two podcast hosts on Weiberfastnacht and spoke cheerfully into the iPad microphone.

Interested in what I had to say in about 30 minutes? Then listen to the episode: Episode 67 International arbeiten, lokal vernetzen: Die Unternehmerin Nadine Prowaznik im Interview

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