We are ready for 2020!

It’s very hard to be a businesswoman, but somehow you make it look so easy. May this year be full of success and good times. Happy New Year!

Two days ago, an inspiring voice message from Tanja Herberth took me back ten years. In 2010, we were sitting next to each other in various lectures at RFH Köln, studying media design. I admit that my motivation was not ideal in the eyes of our professors: I was already working professionally as a result of my in-firm training and was looking for new inspiration instead of real education. Nevertheless, those three years were filled with memorable moments, and I made some really great life-long friends.

New team at WeWork Cologne (02.01.2020)

Five years ago, I founded Veedelswerk as a Limited Liability Corporation (GmbH), and it took me until now to take on the position of managing director. I spent three years 9,200 km away from Cologne, but thanks to this time in Hong Kong, I was able to find my way through #NewWork and company management with much patience, despite the distance. 

Today, the five-person Veedelswerk team is complete (for now) with the addition of Alina Plein. I’m looking forward to new challenges and exciting times with her – along with Nadja Felk, Anna Dąbrowska, my Dad Franz and our many great partners. For me personally, it’s a big change and one that I’m feeling really good about, thanks to an amazing team and  great clients!

And this is not only because Alina was sitting in the same lecture room at the RFH five years ago when Veedelswerk was founded 😉 #closingthecircle

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